Oblique aerial shot of indoor basketball facility

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We're a wholesale supplier, but have a network of experienced consultants and installers.

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About Us

Southern Cross Sports was formed with a vision to provide innovation and inspiration to the sporting infrastructure industry across the South Pacific.

Our systems include internationally recognised and certified products, alongside a range of budget orientated designs.

As the systems we supply are of a high engineering quality, it is important to have a thorough technical background. We invite you to call 1300 500 314 to be connected to a sporting infrastructure professional, or email us and we will get you in contact with someone who can help.

Oblique wide angle view of indoor basketball facility

Product Range

Southern Cross has a number of ranges to suit different applications. Each is designed to suit a different segment of the community in terms of design, build and price.


Stadia is our range of premium products—designed for premium facilities. These are often supplied with international certifications, meaning it is approved by independent sporting bodies for use in international competition.

The product in the Stadia range represent the highest grade of product available worldwide.


The Essentials range is designed to deliver a solid, reliable product suited for every day use. Ideal for schools or community facilities with a budget, and are generally held as stock items for immediate delivery.

Taking design cues from the Stadia range, Essentials is built to high standards at a more cost effective level. Performance and safety is maintained, at the expense of some customisation.


Manufactured out of the latest custom aluminium profiles, Aluline leaves behind older steel products.

The extrusions are designed to provide strength equivalent to their steel counterparts, but with significant weight reductions.

Aluline systems are ideal for those looking for everyday systems that are strong, safe, easy to handle, and simple to use.

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal systems are designed for high intensity environments, and utilize stronger materials to ensure maximum durability in all circumstances.

These systems are ideal for vandal prone or tough locations. Perfect for public outdoor venues—schools, councils, and many more.

Side view of facility with dividing curtain, netball posts, and basketball systems

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FIH Certification

Our own HOCINT hockey goals have been certified by the International Hockey Federation 🎉

Hockey Goals — Class 2 — FIH Quality