Particularly with the advent of watered pitches, steel goals have long been seen as undesirable as they are heavy, and tend to rust.

The new Southern Cross Hockey goal is set to solve all the problems. Drawing from leading edge European design, the Aluline international hockey goal has a custom profile, specially strengthened for hockey so it can withstand ball impact. In addition it still remains light and easy to maneuver.

The backboards, long a huge problem in traditional steel designs have been redesigned as well. No more timber that quickly breaks down. The backboards on these systems are profiled aluminium sheet, and coated in rubber to minimise ball impact. Water resistant, durable and safe.

The goals incorporate the latest free hanging net design, similar to Football goals so a ball can not rebound off any part of the goal frame other than the main uprights, and the system naturally includes wheels for mobility.

Heavy duty braided knotless nets are supplied with the systems, and these are held in place by the special recessed net holders that lock into place ensuring a ball can never escape.



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For decades, Hockey facilities have tried to find the solution on how to get a good quality aluminium Hockey goal onto their fields without breaking the bank.