Football Systems

Southern Cross caters for Football with a number of different systems.

Outdoor Competition Range

The Aluline outdoor systems come in 2 models, the standard P frame, and the international box style goal systems.

They come with a single piece crossbar for safety and strength (no pinch points), and fully welded corners as opposed to elbows or weaker cast fittings.

The net retention design sits completley enclosed within the goal profile so there is no chance of injury on a projectiing hook, and securely locks the net in place as opposed to just using a hook mechanism.




Futsal Range

The Aluline Futsal goal delivers an international regulation Futsal goal that's light, easy to store and very safe to use.  

It has a regulation 80 mm squre profile, not a smaller 50 mm as per budget versions, and a completley enclosed net hook system that locks into place so the net simply can not escape.

The folding sides means the goal folds flat for storage, and the new design also includes a folding ground frame for increased stability, strenght and net security.

The low weight means it can easily be put away after use.  




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