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Divider Curtains

Southern Cross understands that different facilities require different products. In some situations, budget or speed of delivery is the key, and our traditional Essentials Series curtains are just the solution to provide an economical system. In other situations, facilities may be looking for something a little more special. A system with a clean, smooth finish with no cables or straps. Something that requires minimal maintenance and stores compactly. That's why we have different systems to suit different venues as opposed to a one style fits all approach.   


Stadia Curtains - The most advanced curtains in the world. The simply roll up and have that cable free look.

















Essentials Curtains - the traditional solution, re-engineered to be better than ever. Aircraft grade steel cables as opposed to nylon strong. Padded bottom bars are also available as options. A simple top axle system as opposed to pulleys to lower the maintenance. A budget priced workhorse system, proven for many years, and now improved as well.