How do we contact Southern Cross?

Southern Cross works through a network of experienced distributors to cover the South Pacific. They offer years of experience and expertise and are listed on our CONTACT US page, or you can email us with your enquiry and we can arrange someone to contact you.


Are the products Engineer Certified?

Yes. Where possible, Southern Cross systems have been designed by and certified by registered engineers to ensure safety in all situations.


Do the products meet Australian Standards?

There are no Australian or New Zealand standards for most of the systems we provide, so where possible, we work towards the international standards set by the organisations that make the rules for the various sports around the globe.


Are the products Internationally Certified?

Southern Cross Sports can supply internationally certified products for Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball etc.


Sports such as Football (AFL and "Soccer"), Hockey, Netball, Rugby (League and Union) etc. may not have international certification processes in place, but we can also supply systems used in World Championships or other high level events.


Are there budget options?

Absolutely. Although many of the systems we provide have international certification, a budget range that gives economy without compromising performance is also available.


What is the warranty on the products?

Factory warranty is available on all products and this ranges up to 10 years depending on the system.


Do you install?

Absolutely. Because of our dealer network and background, we can provide installation for the majority of projects in metro areas.


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